Motherhood coaching sessions can be done in person or by FaceTime, and can include: parenting support, yoga + meditation, herbs + essential oils, nutrition + green beauty for mother and child.




La Luna Mama- MOTHER- Botanical Oil

La Luna Mama- MOTHER- Botanical Oil


-MOTHER- Calming. Grounding. Uplifting.  Use Day or Night

MOTHER BLEND:  Organic jojoba oil, organic essential oils of bergamot, neroli, frankincense and sandalwood, infused with lapis lazuli crystals.

MOTHER is the gift of healing ourselves. She gives us the energy to be clear, present and focused, fully self-expressed and creative. She reveals our inner truth and gives us the power and freedom to step into the wild unknown. Permit yourself to receive the ultimate nourishment that is MOTHER.

MOTHER RITUAL: Create daily intention around nurturance, creativity, presence, happiness, groundedness, and self-expression. Anoint oil to temples, wrists, back of the neck and ears.


Bergamot: reduces anxiety, depression, nervous tension and loneliness, reduces mood swings, releases suppressed emotions, aids digestion, aids sleep

Neroli: reduces depression, anxiety, nervous tension and fear, encourages confidence, creativity, aphrodisiac, aids digestion and sleep

Frankincense: fortifies and soothes the spirit and mind, reduces anxiety, depression, stress and obsessive thinking linked to past, supports meditation and focus, aids breathing

Sandalwood: Sandalwood: reduces tension, confusion, depression, anxiety, and eases daily hectic lifestyle, good for cardiovascular system, nourishes skin, concentration/meditation, reduces irritability

Lapis Lazuli Crystals: self-awareness, inner truth and self-expression; brings clarity


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