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La Luna Mama- NEW MOON- Botanical Oil

La Luna Mama- NEW MOON- Botanical Oil


-NEW MOON- Uplifting.Refreshing.Grounding. Day Use

NEW MOON BLEND: Organic jojoba oil, organic essential oils of grapefruit, cypress, juniper and vetiver, infused with clear calcite crystals.

NEW MOON oil is spiritual activism made manifest. She offers us the clarity and confidence to transition through what no longer serves us and helps magnetize our ideas into successful action. Detoxify your mind and body and experience the calm energy of NEW MOON as you manifest your deepest dreams and desires.

NEW MOON RITUAL: Use this oil for the week before and after the new moon. Welcome the dark goddess and do your inner work. Look into your heart and see what you want to draw into your life as we move towards the crescent moon. See your desires being illuminated. Anoint oil to temples, wrists, back of the neck and ears. Keep food light and healthy, drink lots of fluids.


Grapefruit: reduces stress, depression and nervous exhaustion, weight management, detoxifying lymph and cellulite

Cypress: strengthens overburdened nervous system and restores calm, eases emotional crisis and grief, regulates PMS and menstrual flow, good for circulatory system

Juniper: strengthens the nerves, relieves overwhelm, worrisome thoughts and guilt, regulates PMS and menstrual flow, supports detoxification, decreases joint pain, good for purification and healing rituals  

Vetiver: releases deep fear, anxiety and tension, soothes nerves, promotes security, balances hormones, good for muscular pain

Clear Calcite Crystal: brings clarity, cleanses and aligns all the chakras, heals the soul

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