Motherhood coaching sessions can be done in person or by FaceTime, and can include: parenting support, yoga + meditation, herbs + essential oils, nutrition + green beauty for mother and child.







Becoming a member of the AMEO Oils team was a natural progression for me after years of using essential oils to support the health and wellness of myself, my clients and my family.  It is important for me to take on the responsibility of making my home and family as healthy and non-toxic as possible, while making an income. 

There are a number of reasons why I have chosen to work with the AMEO brand of Essential Oils. First of all, I love the quality and efficacy of these oils. There are many great companies out there with excellent quality oils, and there are also many brands that have less than high-quality and use synthetics or adulterate their oils in some form. 

The best place to start when choosing essential oils is to do your research, find good recommendations from people you trust and ask questions. I also love these oils because they appeal to my inner science and research geek and they have very strict sourcing, manufacturing and sustainability processes. I like the fact that I get to choose new oils on my monthly subscription program for a relatively minimum cost, and I get to earn points for free oils and product. 

AMEO is part of a larger direct sales/MLM company called Zija International- creator of high-quality Moringa products. They are a pioneering company dedicated to groundbreaking research and development of essential oils and gene expression. Their highest-quality sourcing, extraction and purity of the oils surpasses industry standards (USP, ISO and AFNOR) to include a CERTI-5 testing. Find out more about the science and quality control of these oils, go to

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