All photography is by me. My passion for photography has been around many, many moons. I can remember being a little girl pouring over old photos and scrapbooks again and again that my mother had so lovingly curated. I would sit and look at these people and places- family members and ancestors, both known and unknown, and would be fascinated by their detailed stories and interesting lives. I believe though that my true passion and interest for being behind the camera ironically started from being in front of it. In my early 30’s while living in London UK, I became an ongoing muse for an old friend, who at the time was an up and coming London fashion photographer (now a very successful one). I will always be indebted to Ani Photography (the mad and foul-mouthed ex-model Romanian gypsy who could make me laugh at myself, and feel like a rock star like nobody’s business).  As I have moved into the professional realm of photography in more recent years, I now find myself being mused and a-mused by the beauty of Mother and Womanhood and the never-ending source of inspiration that it brings. Please feel free to enjoy, comment or share my work (with credit). Mucho gracias.


First and foremost, I am a mother and spiritual seeker who brings 47 years of life experience, dedicated practice and personal testimonial to coaching sessions. My parenting work is well-informed by my extensive education and training in the work of Vancouver-based Developmental Psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld from the Neufeld Institute, Dr. Shefali Tasbary (Conscious Parenting and The Awakened Family), Parenting By Connection (Hand In Hand Parenting), Dr. Daniel Siegel (Parenting From the Inside Out and Yes Brain), Dr. Stuart Shanker (Self-Reg) and the Kundalini Teachings of Guru Jagat and Yogi Bhajan. The newest findings in brain research and attachment theory have turned the traditional parenting world upside down. No longer do we have to engage in discipline the that divides, shames or wounds our children. Thankfully there is a new parenting paradigm that supports our individuality, our innate wisdom and our personal power. We have so much incredible knowledge to draw from that supports us in building the foundation for a more connected, loving and joyful parenting journey. Let's face it: parenting is HARD WORK. We are not given a road map on how to navigate discipline and attachment and relationship. And we are certainly not given any indication of what we will be dealt in terms of our child's personality and temperament. Some of us may have it easier than others in our parenting experiences, but irrespective of what issues we face, we are all in this journey of love and heartache and growth together. Some of the deepest transformations for me as a mother have come as a result of the work I have done with Dr. Gordon Neufeld Neufeld Institute and Dr. Stuart Shanker. Gordon's ground-breaking research and education in the field of attachment-based developmental science and Dr. Shanker’s work in the field of neuroscience and self-regulation have revolutionized my thinking around parenting and radically transformed my attachment relationship with my daughter. I have had the good fortune of having a few key parenting mentors in my life that have been the safe space for me to learn, heal and grow as I continue to navigate this wild and wonderful role of Motherhood. 

I have been a Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition for the past 7 years and have been on an introspective journey of health and wellness for over 20. I have personally examined and experimented in multiple nutritional perspectives to heal digestive, hormonal and autoimmune issues including Hashimotos Thyroiditis, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, chronic pain, autoimmune conditions (psoriasis) and anxiety. Over the past 8 years for one health reason or another, I have been on raw/vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, keto, GAPS, FODMAPS, Body Ecology and autoimmune diets. Through all of this experimentation there are two things that governs my current food philosophy: eat whole foods and listen to your body. Radical I know. But listen we must. There is a lot of nutritional information and advice out there. And much of it is diametrically opposed. Multiple experts will try and tell you why you should be doing x diet and why it is the best (and why every other way of eating is wrong). But just like in every other area of our lives- we must get to the place where we believe in ourselves. We must align with spirit so that we can become our own food guru. So that we can meet the changing needs of our bodies and flow with it- depending on our life situation. We can do it. It just takes practice. 


I am RYS-200 Yoga Alliance Certified, and have over 800 training hours in the Vijnana Yoga tradition (pranayama- breathing techniques, meditation, asana and self-study).  I am part of the Aquarian Women's Leadership Society with Guru Jagat and RAMA and am a daily practitioner of Kundalini yoga (Meditation, Pranayama, Mantra, Mudras, and Movement). I am a spirit seeker who has practiced many forms of ancient and modern healing practices over the years including Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, martial arts, chi gong, crystals, oracle, tarot, feng shui, hypnotherapy, craniosacral therapy, pilates, anatomy trains, fascial bodywork, nutrition, health coaching, spiritual and developmental psychology, neuroscience (in parenting) as well as functional and spiritual medicine. I am a Black Belt in TaekwonDo, and although I do not practice martial arts any longer, the foundations of the arts are infused into everything I do.

DISCLAIMER OF HEALTH CARE RELATED SERVICES: The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. I encourage you to continue to seek treatment from your healthcare and medical professional(s). I am not acting as a doctor, or other licensed or registered professional (including therapist, nutritionist, dietician, herbalist and aromatherapist), nor am I providing health care, medical or nutrition therapy services and will not diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition. 

In love and health,

x Melissa x