LA LUNA MAMA is a resource to educate and empower mothers as spiritual powerhouses. We are all superheroes; wild and wise women who have already accomplished superhuman feats. We have everything we need within us- based on our unique life experiences- to create our own spiritual support system. We are all healers and medicine women. Sometimes, we just need the guidance of a good listener to help us remember this. {Hey, we're moms. We forget stuff...}

This is a place to be real- to embrace the bittersweetness of conscious motherhood, and to remember that we are not alone. We've all had those moments when we feel we're just slip slidin' away... {Insert Simon and Garfunkle lyric here}. And yet underneath it all, there is a web that connects us all: we have all had our tears and we have all experienced our triumphs. We all came from a mother, and we are all birthing- whether it be a child, a business or an idea. And we all have within us the power to manifest beyond our wildest dreams.

In my mentoring/coaching services and workshops, I weave together personal experiences from motherhood, yoga, meditation, health coaching, whole foods, herbs + oils, and developmental + spiritual psychology to guide you in creating an environment where self-nourishment and your wise woman can thrive. 

When mothers are reSourced, our families, our communities and the entire world prospers. 



I help mothers foster a relationship with inner radiance, self-love, prosperity and creativity. Cultivating a practice of connection to Self that is rooted in ritual, I support mothers to confidently navigate their leadership role with themselves and their children- what I call ALPHA MAMA. Through my training as a certified Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and my work in Attachment-based science and Conscious Parenting with Dr. Gordon Neufeld and Dr. Shefali Tsabary, I bring a holistic view to the role of a Motherhood Mentor: you are the expert, I am a guide.

Motherhood is the ultimate surrender experiment, and it all begins with the right relationship.  Of course we all need and want to have the best relationship with our children and our families, but the primary relationship I am referring to here is the one with our ourselves, with our soul.  We must take care of our inner being to help us take care of our external circumstances. When we are our own sovereign, connected individuals who have a sense of agency, we have the capacity to create our inner worlds as non-reactive, as equanimous. We have an energy and vitality that aligns with who we truly are. We can be clear about our desires, so that we can accomplish every one of our goals and dreams. We can ultimately be of service.  

Your child may generally be laid-back, easy going, compliant to your requests, and swift to move through their emotional tantrums. And quite possibly they have moments (or much longer periods) where they are defiant, aggressive, clingy, demanding, angry, uncooperative, fearful or anxious. You might be hoping to feel less angry or more confident in your parenting. You might seek to understand how to set respectful and gentle limits with your child, AND learn how to stand in your ALPHA MAMA without raising your voice, harshening your demeanor, using threats, punishments, imposing consequences, or using time-outs to seek leverage to get your child to comply with your requests/demands.  You may be a new mom in your child's first 1.5 years and you haven't quite entered into any of these phases of parenting yet; however, you intuitively know that relationship is the foundation for connection and cooperation, and you just want to get a good head start.  

Irrespective of your parenting stage or current experience, we are all in this together. Children are always looking to us as mothers who live in an attitude of ”I've got this; I am your best bet".  {Even if sometimes we don't believe that ourselves}. They need to feel safe and know that no matter what is going on in the outside world, we are in the lead.  Our children do what we do, not what we say. They read, and respond to, our energy.  When we are grounded, present and rooted in our own connection and confidence, our children instinctively know this, trust us, and respond accordingly. As mothers we are divine superheroes with the most important function to fulfill. And because Motherhood is created in community, for us to rise up to meet this immense responsibility, we need to raise our energy and vitality and receive support from our tribe. Just know that wherever you are in your Motherhood journey, there are tools and support to make it easier.  A LOT easier. 


There are 4 ELEMENTS to LA LUNA MAMA that serve us as a guide in deep self-care: 

1. Conscious Motherhood- the art and science of relationship

2. Yoga + Meditation + Pranayama

3. La Luna Mama Circles- community

4.  Herbs, Botanicals, Essential Oils, Whole Food + Green Beauty

By construction, the fulfillment of a woman is motherhood—and motherhood does not mean that she gets pregnant and delivers a baby. If you understand her total behavior, you will understand her motherhood. Her motherhood is service, her motherhood is sacrifice, her motherhood is relationship. When she knows motherhood, she is fulfilled


Motherhood is a palpable journey of great depth. A constant juxtaposition- bringing us deeper into our truest selves and taking us out of who we are (or once were). Raising children was never meant to be done in isolation, and yet we often find ourselves devoid of an attachment village trying to navigate the role of parent on our own.  As a result we are left to rely on well-meaning advice from parenting books, media or our own family who may have different ideas than we do. Perhaps we know there is something more meaningful than the way we were parented; something more aligned with who we are at heart. And yet, we may be unsure of what it is or how to implement. The way to connect with our children is always- first and foremost- through relationship, and is the foundation on which everything else is built. And yet, so often as mothers we aren't even in touch with our relationship with ourselves.

Sometimes we just need the guidance of a coach or mentor who has been there. Someone who can guide us back to our inner knowing, the place deep inside of us that is confident, wise, powerful and loving- our ALPHA MAMA. Someone who has been through the pain and anguish, the joys and triumphs of being a mindful mother and sometimes failing miserably. A fellow mother who can understand that there are times when we all feel overwhelmed, uncertain, exhausted, frustrated, and alone. One who can understand that all the love in the world is not enough for our children to behave in ways we want them to, or to have the relationship with them that we yearn for. Understanding how and why children do what they do, and how our perceptions influence their behaviour is key to creating lasting connections with our children.  Using tools of connection/collection through listening and play, we can achieve the relationship and cooperation that we so deeply desire.

I offer private in-person, phone or Skype consultations for motherhood coaching which may include any or all of the 4 ELEMENTS of the LA LUNA MAMA PHILOSOPHY: parenting support, yoga + meditation, herbs, botanicals essential oils, beauty and whole foods for mother + child. 




As a facilitator of Mother's Circles, I weave together my passions of yoga, meditation, ritual, herbs, botanicals, essential oils, food + prayer. As women, we are all creatrixes. Our greatest power and birthright is to CREATE- whether it be art, an idea, a child, a family, a business or simply a meal. No matter your life circumstances- whether you are a mother, desire to be a mother to a baby, are birthing a new project or idea or a new version of yourself, collectively we can lift each other to rise. 

LA LUNA MAMA gatherings (an extension La Luna Social by my dear sister Myrah Penaloza Mohar), bring women and mothers together in sacred circle.  

In many cultures around the world it is both common and essential for women and children to gather.  It is in gathering that we weave a tapestry of ancient wisdom into everyday life through connection, laughter, dance, music, song, stories, ritual and devotion. We do this during different phases of the moon because the moon is a feminine form (also known as Mother Moon/Grandmother Moon/Mama Gaia) and significantly influences a woman’s biorhythms. Our body, mind and spirit are inextricably linked to our cycles and within us we carry the healing and regenerative powers of the lunar cycles. 

Ritual helps root us in connection to ourselves, each other, the earth, our food and the cycles of life. Ultimately it brings us back to our own insight and intuition and brings us hOMe to our innate wisdom and true natureThe past number of years we have progressively seen a departure from meaningful ritual and ceremony in our lives. I know in my own early experiences in motherhood I often felt confused, disconnected, anxious and alone, devoid of significant rituals, sisterhood, and support despite the fact that I had a very disciplined yoga practice and belonged to a wonderful yoga community. Even though I had access to some incredible spiritual practices and healers, I had lost a deep connection to mySelf and Source. It is in gathering together that we inspire confidence in one another, hone our intuition, heal and create.  



In our chaotic pace of modern life it is becoming increasingly challenging to slow down and be mindful. As a result, we have an epidemic of stress and chronic disease in our culture. It is more critical than ever that we create space for daily mindful practice so we have the energy and the right mind (psychomagnetic energy) to manifest our goals, dreams and desires and ultimately to be of service. Through the practice of yoga and meditation, Mothers have the ability to create an environment for deep self-care: to nourish, know and love themselves.

So how do we create the right environment? We take care of ourselves by cleaning our mental and emotional house. Through our daily physical and mental grounding practice, we put ourselves into a prosperous and positive vibrational alignment. Enter yoga and meditation- the quickest and most effective way to recalibrate and fortify your physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual states.

When we allow ourselves to get quiet and enter into a deep dialogue with the different parts of ourselves, we begin to see and hear the inner medicine. 

In my 8+ years of studying and practicing yoga, I have completed over 800 hours of training in Vijnana Yoga, which stems from the yogic tradition of Northern India as taught by Sri Krishnamacharya, the teacher of Pattabhi Jois, B.K.S. Iyengar and T.K.V Desikachar. The lineage can be traced through Dona Hollemans, Orit Sen Gupta, Gioia Irwin and Tracy Groshak. 

I am RYS-200 Yoga Alliance Certified and love to combine the art and intelligence of Vijnana (Meditation, Pranayama, Asana, Self-study), Kundalini (Meditation, Pranayama, Mantra, Mudras, Asana and Music), Pilates, Functional movement, and spiritual philosophy into my teaching. Currently, I offer 1:1 private yoga sessions (including pranayama + meditation) as part of the Motherhood Mentorship/Coaching sessions.



As a mother, I understand how busy we all are. We look after our children and our families while doing our best to feed, care for and nourish ourselves.  It can feel like an impossible task at times. This is why I feel it is not only possible, but critical that we slow down, get quiet and invite pleasure ritual- the mindful and the sacred- into our lives on a daily basis. Using the power of yoga, meditation, herbs, essential oils, whole foods and green beauty, we can find little ways to incorporate self-care into all that we do. It does not need to be fancy, elaborate or time-consuming. It is as simple as the willingness to create an environment for healthy ritual to show up in our lives. 

Both herbs and essential oils have empowered me to take responsibly for my own and my family’s health and healing. It can be so challenging as a mother to a young child to know what herbs, oils or food to give them that are safe and what are not. For me, it has been difficult at times to care for my daughter's health and wellbeing, as she has such a heightened response to many taste and smells of herbs, oils and foods. However in my experience, aromatherapy and essential oils have been one of the most powerful and immediate ways to provide a sense of calm, safety and relief for my daughter when she is sick or simply stuck in feelings of frustration or anxiety. For us mothers, using essential oils can instantaneously provide sensual pleasure, balance feelings, reduce stress and bring us back to the present moment by balancing the subtle energies of the body. Essential oils, along with a whole food diet and exercise, can be part of effective treatment plan for: blood sugar balance and weight management, stress management, hormone and emotional balance, thyroid, digestive and autoimmune conditions, and beauty rituals. Using these powerful tools, we are simply activating the natural healing intelligence of our body. Remember: our bodies are designed to heal themselves; our job is to give them the right support.