The beauty that you have within is most bewitching, but you are so afraid of relating to it. You have found a way to relate to every other beauty but your own. Human is very bewitching to itself. Light is light and every human being has his or her own light, but instead of looking at your own light, reading your own book, living your own life, living your own house, guiding your own self, you look to others


LA LUNA MAMA is a resource to educate and empower mothers. It was born out of a conversation with my dear sister Myrah Penaloza and is an extension of Myrah's passion project La Luna Social, a community of sisterhood, motherhood, health and yoga. Myrah is also the co-creator of It's Time To Bloom, a mindfulness movement with husband Robindra Mohar and creator of the beautiful clothing collection of Kundalini Gowns

LA LUNA MAMA was birthed out of a personal need for connection in- and to- the new role of motherhood. As a new mother I found myself isolated, confused and completely exhausted. I did not have the perfect pregnancy, birth or post-partum experience, and I knew that I needed support- I just wasn't quite sure what or where to find it.

The past 5 years of Motherhood have been the most transformational, growth-minded and heart-opening of my entire life. It is here, in the dust and the dirt, the joy and the delight, that I have literally found mySelf. 

By cultivating a practice of connection to Self, LA LUNA MAMA is redefining self-care: Self-care and self-love that is rooted in pleasure rituals and ceremony in the form of yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathwork), herbs, essential oils, whole foods, and green beauty. La Luna Mama is a support for mothers to confidently navigate their leadership role with themselves and their children- to find their ALPHA MAMA. It is an honouring of what it means to become a mother. 

Pleasure. Remember that? Yes, this is all about creating things in our lives that feel good and are pleasurable. La Luna Mama is more than Motherhood Mentorship/Coaching and Motherhood Photography Portrait Sessions. La Luna Mama is a state of MIND and a way of BEING. It is about grit and grace- rising up out of who we once were, and who our mothers and grandmothers were. It is about reclaiming our power and harnessing the energy we need to fulfill on this incredibly dynamic role called Motherhood, so that we may do it with humour, pleasure and authenticity. It is about being clear and strong; a vessel for the Universe to use us in a way that serves the greater good in the world. There is a new kind of revolution happening in the world- one in which women are rising up and taking flight in their own transformation, so that they may create and serve in the most powerful way possible. 

When we develop a relationship with our most authentic self: our inner guidance system and our radiance, we create and model an environment for our children to do the same

Our children and the world need us NOW- there is no time to waste on 'healing our past' or 'waiting for the perfect time' before we take action. That does not mean that we don't introspect- we do. In fact, we must deeply engage in our own clarity, in our power and in our emotional bodies, while we cut through the layers of self-deception. The key is that we don't dwell in our emotions or our past or who's doing what. What is most critical is the thoughts that we think, how we live our lives, and how we treat our children (and other's children). In every moment and in every breath we take, we have the free will to choose a new reality and fulfill our true purpose.

Why does any of this even matter? Why do we do it? To create a better experience of life through connection. Connection to Source, to Self and connection to our children.