From a very young age I have always been fascinated with biographies and people’s life experiences through narrative and images. Now as a mother to my 6 year old muse- who lives and breathes imaginative storytelling- l have come to appreciate even more the richness, magic and healing power of stories. 

My passion for lifestyle photography has been around for many moons. It was during my years of living in London UK and wanderlusting Europe and Asia in 2004, that I developed an interest in documentary style and fine art photography. However, it was in my early days of motherhood that photography really began to dominate my everyday thoughts, feelings, dreams and desires. And well, when when the heart speaks… 

Photography and journaling is a natural way for me to share in other’s stories of motherhood and has become an amusing vehicle to voice my own. I love to relate through authentic story and it is in connection to mothers that I am continually inspired to be present, grateful, curious and above all, alive.

Mothers are the spiritual superheroes of the planet. They own a light and radiance that makes the world a brighter, richer place. Through the lens of photography I capture the beauty of womanhoo, which continually inspires me to connect with the beauty within myself. 

You do not understand your features. Your features are not your beautiful nose, your beautiful cheeks, beautiful lips, and so on. These are not your features. Your features are your beautiful behaviour, your beautiful character, your beautiful health, your beautiful spirit, your beautiful advice, your beautiful wisdom, your beautiful inspiration.