Through the lens of yoga, food, mother’s circles, + lifestyle photography, I see beauty IN EVERYTHING. 

it is my mission to empower mothers and children with yoga + food medicine, conscious parenting + simple, sacred living.

Lifestyle photography is my passion vehicle to share the story of people's radiance- from the inside out.  

Connection to Source, yoga, and vibrant, whole foods are the foundation upon which every good thing in my life has been built. It is in the sweetness and challenge of motherhood and family that I have awakened to a deep calling to bring women and mothers together in circle. As a facilitator of Mother’s Circles, I weave together my experiences from motherhood, yoga, health coaching, developmental and spiritual psychology to create a fertile ground for owning your feminine power. 

I see motherhood as a path to rising and raising ourselves- an awakening to our true nature, voices, clarity, intuition and power. Our children are not only our teachers, they are our gurus; the ones who are here to awaken, elevate, inspire, liberate and transform us. 






La Luna Mama is (an extension of La Luna Social by Myrah Penaloza Mohar) where we come together in a space of Radical Listening and weave a tapestry of ancient wisdom into modern life through connection, laughter, dance, music, song, images, stories, ritual, devotion, healing and play. 

We gather around the time of the New and Full moon because the moon significantly influences a woman’s biorhythms. Our body, mind and spirit are inextricably linked to our cycles and within us we carry the healing and regenerative powers of the lunar cycles (moon phases) . The moon is a feminine form and it is seen as the "mother" and matriarch of all planets, herbs, sacrifices, austerities, rituals, arts, music, festivities and dance. 

There is a sacredness, a wisdom and a vulnerability that comes with being a mother.  It is an incredibly challenging, and at times seemingly impossible journey. It requires immense courage, patience, inner strength and fortitude that we may not even know we possess. Yet each of us has an unbounded force within us and has the opportunity to deeply embody the Divine Mother and Sacred Feminine energy.

Gatherings are intended for women to share their experiences of all things MOTHER. 

Motherhood is about co-creating. Conscious Mother Circles give us an opportunity to join in sisterhood; to nourish, voice and guide ourselves to our inner knowing so that we may parent from a more confident, clear and centred place: 

          Experience Radical Listening- speak your truth and be heard without judgement

        Awaken to the ancient wisdom of the womanly arts- see your value, feed on             your desires, acknowledge yourself and discover pleasure

Discover and nourish your true nature; what are the things that feed your soul as a woman and as a mother

Simplify life and parenting by coming back to your intuition (innate wisdom), Shakti (power), and unconditional love

Learn to parent and mother yourself, and heal the past

Embrace your sacred feminine and masculine energies

Understand and integrate connection with Shakti power

Parent from a connected, confident, loving place of grace and power

Reveal your playfulness and creativity

Experience the profound sense of support and belonging in a circle of fierce sisterhood

Hold others and be held in a raw, vulnerable, fun, and sacred space

As we discover and honour this part of our nature and see ourselves as sovereign (and our children as sovereign individuals), we serve our children and the world in a much-needed way. 

We transform the world through every loving, forgiving thought and through our creative action



Moon Mandala Art: Emma Hogan @raincityyogi